Logo Design

Whether you would like to create a logo for a new business or are thinking of refreshing your existing logo and brand identity, we can help.

We all know first impressions count and a striking brand identity will not only help to make that impression last, it can ultimately transform a business and accelerate growth. Taking a holistic approach to a company’s offering, we work closely with business owners to shape an identity that not only represents the business effectively but also speaks to its target customers.
With over 20 years’ experience in creating logos and shaping brand identities for companies both large and small, we have quietly made an impact across several industries and through incisive research and thought-provoking design, we are proud to see our work leading the communications strategies and driving business growth for our clients.
Some of the advantages a strong logo can bring:
A well-designed logo makes a positive, lasting first impression
Good design helps your business stand out
Consistent branding design reassures customers and helps drive conversions
Brand recognition helps to build and retain customer loyalty
An effective logo makes your company memorable
Strong design promotes brand credibility and a professional image
If you are thinking about a new logo or brand refresh, we would love to hear about your business and ideas and see how we could help you realise your vision.
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